Holywells kingfisher print. Photo: www.parrishcolmanphotography.co.uk

Holywells kingfisher print. Photo: www.parrishcolmanphotography.co.uk


Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service  have recorded 109 bird sightings in Holywells park – for a full list click here. However, according to the website Holywells Birds there were 125 species with the website recording their names and status.

The status of birds in Holywells Park can be categorised as follows:

  • Recorded throughout the year
  • Visitor – can be there throughout the year but not breed
  • Summer visitor – breeding annually but not present in winter
  • Winter visitor – present outside of the breeding season
  • Migrant – passes through during the year
  • Irregular – Not seen every year
  • Vagrant – strays far outside its expected breeding, wintering or migrating range
Grey Wagtail. Photo: www.parrishcolmanphotography.co.uk

Grey Wagtail. Photo: www.parrishcolmanphotography.co.uk

One of the most popular and distinctive birds that can be seen in the park is the Kingfisher (pictured). It flies rapidly, low over water and hunts fish from riverside perches. Kingfishers have an amber listed conservation status and are also listed as a Schedule 1 species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act offering them additional protection.